Since I’ve moved this site to Tumblr, Chrome has been giving me ERR_CONNECTION_RESET errors when trying to access it, forcing me to refresh a few times to get it to load. IE and Firefox were also telling me ‘The Connection Was Reset’. I also noticed a query-string being added to the URL, but I didn’t get to the bottom of that. I’ve just moved the DNS for this domain to and am using their CDN to cache and deliver the images and scripts on the site. Not only has the connection reset problem gone away, the site is now definitely loading faster that it was before. And the best bit is that it’s totally free. Thanks Cloudflare!

Update: Unfortunately, this no longer works.

If you try this now with Cloudflare enabled you will get the following error from Tumblr "This subdomain’s CNAME is not pointing to Tumblr. It is currently set to cf-protected…“.

Cloudflare have a KB article related to it here and they recommend contacting Tumblr directly, as if enough people do hopefully they wil fix the issue.