Well, I’ve been trying to give the new Delicious.com site a go since Yahoo! sold them to AVOS, but frankly, it’s shit…

It’s slow, there is no auto-complete on the tags (why would they get rid of that simple but vital feature?), but the straw that broke the camels back was finding out that clicking the Chrome extension button it saves the link regardless of if you press save or not and does so with public permissions.

When you click the browser button to save a new link, half the time it doesn’t load in the title of the page, then you have to manually type each tag and then you realise it’s already saved it for you, even if you change your mind or clicked it by mistake. I only noticed tonight that it said “saved!” at the top of the pop-up. Seriously, did they ever even use Delicious before? These are the minimum basic features.

I also really don’t like the green used on the buttons or the overall new look, but that’s just my personal taste.

So tonight, after many years of happy use of the website that changed how I save bookmarks (and had the catchy domain del.icio.us) I hit the export button and moved to diigo.com. So far it’s not loading my tags and just saying “Loading recommended tags…”, but I’ll give it a browser restart and a bit more of a chance before passing judgement.

I did also consider Pinboard.in, however they charge a one off signup fee (currently $9.47), which goes up based on how many users they have (number of users * $0.001).

So, farewell Delicious. Unless you fix your broken site soon I can see an exodus occurring, to which the blame would lay firmly at the feet of the new owners.