I’ve been a paying subscriber of Spotify since it launched here in the UK. I get invites each month and haven’t used any since you stopped needing one to subscribe here in the UK. Anyway, because of this, I’ve ended up with a around 50 invites going spare. I gather they’re still fairly hard to come by in the States.

Here are a few:

  • dkDpEYfyLLq7RgLH
  • cZVuZaac6FhAfAEu
  • bJtUbY5ZMecb9Uqh
  • aGG4RnnbnYGRMzmh
  • daY4YFyt2ASCxMkR
  • eKBxd3gWW9pGFBPU

If all of those have been used, please contact me via Twitter or comment on this post and I’ll send one over to you.