I just got an invite to Bitcasa today, so I used it to sign up and get my infinite storage and got 10 invites to share (below).

Installed fine on both OSX (beta) and Windows (alpha), although I’d say the Windows installer needs cleaning up a bit, as it launches two separate installers (MS C++ redist and Doken).

To upload your files to Bitcasa, you just right click a folder and select “Services > Cloudify this” on OSX:

or Bitcasa Cloudify on Windows:

They currently have a fairly rudimentary but functional web portal to access your files and the client looks (on OSX at least) like the below screenshot.

Getting Calculator.app out, I can see that this is about 3.33 Mbps, which isn’t bad since I’m uploading from the UK to the US east coast (I have 10 Mbps upstream bandwidth on my cable connection).

I read here that they’re going to charge $10 per month once the beta is over. If it works OK and they don’t have a security faux pas, like Dropbox, I’m totally happy to pay that for unlimited cloud storage.

This link should work for the first 10 people that use it, after that it will just add people to the waiting list, so I’ll try to keep an eye on it and remove it once they’re all gone….

Invites here.

Update (12 Feb UTC): 2 invites left.