EA released an update today which fixes a problem with black screens at start-up. After it updated however, I started getting black screens when I tried to enter a multi-player game. It took me a while until I found a post on a French blog that explained that if you bought the Russian language version for a lot cheaper like me, the update broke the files we installed to change it to English and gives updated language pack files which fix it.

Here is a translation (and files below)…

Updating the Language Pack (22/11/2011)

For those who bought the game and have put the Russian language pack in French, you probably now the problem of black screen. To correct it, I will provide you with the language pack to correct the problem. Before downloading the pack, make sure you are past the stage of updating the information in the registry above. This patch includes languages ​​in English GDFBinary_en_US.dll and French GDFBinary_fr_FR.dll to apply to the Russian version and other files related to languages.


Download [Patch 1.1 Language](http://static.crazyws.fr/resources/blog/2011/11/bf3-lang-1-1.zip) Close Origin Put the contents of the zip file to C: Program Files Origin Games Battlefield 3 and overwrite files if asked.

Thanks to and translation from:http://www.crazyws.fr/tutos/probleme-d-ecran-noir-sur-battlefield-3.html