When I got my Windows 7 Phone a few months ago, I started playing around with a few things to see what it could do and what the SDK was like. A little while later I was listening to Bassdrive and I thought I’d see how quickly I could make an app similar to the iOS version I use on my iPhone. I spent an evening on it at first, a few months ago now and tonight I’ve just got around to finishing it.

Don’t expect anything too good, as I did it for fun in a few evenings, but with something as basic as an app that streams a single radio station it’s the content that matters most (as long as it doesn’t crash).

The app is currently being reviewed by Microsoft, so hopefully it will be available soon. When it has been accepted it will be available to download here.

I have also made this page so I can post some more details on the app, as it doesn’t work if you have a proxy set in your Cellular APN.

Here is a screenshot…

This app is unofficial and logos, etc. are used with permission from Bassdrive.com