Needed to add a static route to a Technicolor TG582n modem/router tonight that is being used for a fibre upgrade. There isn’t anyway to add it in the web interface I could find, however a little look in the docs I found it can easily be added via telnet. First telnet to your router:


Username : Administrator
Password : *******
{Administrator}=>:ip rtadd dst= gateway= intf=lan1

There are several more options available if you need them. It will ask you for each one if you do something like…

{Administrator}=>:ip rtadd
dst =
[dstmsk] =
[label] =
[gateway] =
[intf] =
[srcintf] =
[static] =
[status] =
[metric] =
:ip rtadd dst= gateway=

Then just do a “saveall” and you should be good. If you make a mistake or want to delete your route, you can do that with something like…

ip rtdelete dst= gateway=

Hope that helps someone. 🙂