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A DnB edit of Strong by London Grammar I made and Rudimental played on IG Live

Jac Timms

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Lockdown IG Live @rudimentaluk DJ set playing @woodkins92, @piersrudimental and my DnB edit of Strong by London Grammar 🙏🏼

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I've been finding it easier to learn to make music by taking existing tunes and remixing them into edits. It allows you to not get too bogged down, to have fun with someone way more talented than you's music, and to get better at the production side of things. This tune (which I made with my little bro) was going to be the first time a tune I'd made was played out (with my family and friends with me as it was also on my 40th birthday), as Rudimental were going to play it at their Printworks gig, one of their biggest DJ sets of the year. That got suspended, but it still got played on one of their IG live sets. My iPad stopped recording (due to an alert about bluetooth) so I didn't get the whole set, but I edited the tune in time with the video to make this excerpt where the tune is played. It blew me away. The comments made me feel something else. ♡